Hadals – The Dog

Chaos is, by it’s definition, a state of things in which chance is supreme, especially in the confused unorganized state of primordial matter before the creation of distinct forms such as cosmos or the inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system (such as the atmosphere, boiling water or the beating heart). However, sometimes chaos can be arranged in much more organized form, such as melody, sound or in this case noise. Sometimes predictable, sometimes unpredictable, Hadals manage to control that chaos with their ideas and implement it in much more complex chaotic sound which can be defined as some sort of noise with ocassional depressive drum rhytms, but suprisingly that combination goes quite well and their brand new tape called ”The Dog” is a piece of fine art. Their definition of sound is intelligent, calculated, but it gives various expressions each time you listen to it. It’s definetly unique and I highly recommend it.


Maltheist – S/T

Today we have a band from Portland with such an interesting name. Maltheism is philosophy with promotes religion as malicious and gods are necessary evil and do only evil things to a mankind. Maltheist perfectly suits as a band name for the style of music they play. Despite the fact that band exists as a duo, that doesn’t stop them to create and record some evil stuff in vein of the best death metal and grind bands would do. As a longtime fan of grindcore, this tape is right up my alley with growls, screams, amazing rifs and tons of blastbeats. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I can hear an influence of some powerviolence which can only be a bonus. All the tracks are no longer than two minutes which only proves my philosophy that all the good stuff is always under two minutes. I can only imagine how their album will sound if their demo tape sounds this good. In the meantime grab their tape and enjoy in some deathgrind chaos.

Bandcamp: https://maltheist.bandcamp.com/album/maltheist
Order: https://nailbattapes.bandcamp.com

Red Boiling Springs – Adrift

Sometimes, collection of works recorded in a timespan of five years can be extremely good and that’s the case with Red Boiling Springs, amazing project of Matt Sullivan, who also runs Nailbat Tapes, record label currently located in Portland, Oregon. ”Adrift” conisists of four tracks with similiar flow, very suitable for times when you need some relaxing sounds between pleasant ambient drones and disturbing, but listenable noises.
This tape will serve you half of an hour of pure enjoyment in constant organic sounds, layers of beautifully recorded ambience, glitchy drones and almost industrial noises. I simply like those moments when the sounds are almost haunting, you can feel the tension in the sound causing that thrilling, but slightly scary feeling. This is one of those albums you listen to couple of times and then you simply need it to play it once again. It’s addictive, astonishing and it will not dissapoint you at anytime.

Bandcamp: https://www.redboilingsprings.bandcamp.com
Order: http://nailbattapes.bandcamp.com

Sonologyst / Kshatriy – Time Is The Enemy

”Time Is The Enemy” is extraordinary collaboration between Sonologyst and Kshatriy. Sonologyst is the solo project of Raffaele Pazzela, enthusiast who based his sound around experiments from fifsties and sixties with modern school of electro acoustic art. Kshatriy is the solo project of Sergey Bulychev, brilliant russian native and sound artist. ”Time Is The Enemy” comes up with five distinctive tracks with interesting titles such as ”Unaltered Mind”, ”Venus Smile”, Self Luminosity”, ”Chronopolis” and album titled ”Time Is The Enemy”. The most interesting thing about this collaboration are it’s dynamics, melody and repetition during each track. Tracks are mostly based on one melody which is repetative from begining to an end, but it doesn’t sounds like some boring ambient or drone track. Layers of vocals, violin alike tones, white noise and creepy ambience are added as the time goes by and the whole idea of the album title reveals itself through beautiful cacophony. Your listening experience may vary of your sound system, since the whole album is well produced with all layers of sound being present at one time without spoiling one another. ”Time Is The Enemy” is released by Attenuation Circuit and it’s already sold out, but you can purchase it digitally and by that you will support both artists and the label.

Order: https://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/time-is-the-enemy
Label: http://www.attenuationcircuit.de

Martwa Natura / Schmitt – Solecka – Stadlmeier – II

If you like some dark ambient sounds in the morning like I do, then you’ll love this split. Martwa Natura teamed up with Emerge and it resulted in more than half of an hour of very good sound experiment full of strange sounding vocals distorted by delay and echo effects, wierd background ambience and a bit of drone at the background. The track gets harsher from times to times which gives much more intense sound to the whole composition. Vocals of Solecka (Martwa Natura) and magic od Stadlmeier (Emerge) are incredible combination and this is one of those collaborations which will impress you from the very begining.

Second track from this amazing split release is a collaboration between Solecka, Stadlmeier and Schmitt. We previously had a chance to review Schmitt’s Suspicion Breeds Confidence and for those who have heard it before, you know how good it is. This track is much more different than the previous one with almost no intro at the begining. Also, it have a sampled rhytm at the background, much more white noise, bells and cracks which gives a new dimension to this split release. Sometimes it have industrial vibe, but still it’s an dark ambient track full of surprises from time to time. Perfect release for those who are into ambient music.

Order: https://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/ii
Label: http://www.attenuationcircuit.de

Shanyio – C

First of all, this cassette is not a joke at all. It contains some of the best recorded and produced samples of the various musical instruments characteristic for eastern Europe. Alexandru Hegyes knew all the potential of all of these instruments while he performed and recorded them at different locations such as Berlin, Timisoara, Tormac, Rittberg, Brebu Nou, Weidenthal, Ciarda & Cârțisoara in a three years long time span. The result is ”C”, very impressive cassette release which is packed with atmospheric, etno, musique concrete, field recording sessions. Alexandru knows how to deal with production as well, mixing, postproduction and mastering, so he used DDA tehnique for this release and the sound quality can pair to some worldwide known music releases. The complete release sounds very mystic, ancient, natural, something similiar to the soundtracks for experimental art movies recorded somewhere in a misty forests of eastern Europe. Wide spectrum of instruments used on this recording and clever usage of the effects are the main reason for that kind of atmosphere and they will give you the chills down the spine when you press play on your tape player. I am pretty sure that you will ask for more and press repeat once again after the first listen.

Order: https://shanyio.bandcamp.com/album/c
Label: http://www.hissandgroove.com

Consume And Expire / Sexy Crocodille For Dinner And Diva Caramella – Split

This time we are dealing with a bit more noisy material than before and this split is right up my alley from the very begining. Harsh at the one point, but still listenable, even for the listeners who are not so much into harsh noise. Consume And Expire is a duo consisting of Wil Rossi and Kylie Damnyou. Their sound can be best described as interesting mixure of harsh noise and drone, with occasional experimentations with vocal samples, synthboxes and microphony. ”White Bear” is a thirty minute recording which takes you to the tunnel full of constant changes in sound, so you will easily find this track interesting than boring to your ears. It’s like a trip to another dimension and the only thing you have to do is to let the sounds take care of your flight. Sexy Crocodille For Dinner is an interesting project hailing from Italy and it’s totally different from the first part of this split release, presented with two parts of ”Silenzio Imbarazzante”. This is a very good mix of sampled vocals, sounds and beats covered with huge ammounts of distortion, fuzz and it creates such a pleasant mess that I had to check out the tracks couple of times just to be sure that I haven’t missed something. There’s a lot manipulations with contact microphones and delay which are overlaying the aggressive sound of the rest of the equipment, but it sounds interesting at some point. I am so glad that I had a chance to hear such a good harsh noise project. This release comes on red tape in the white shell, so be fast and grab your copy while it’s still available.

Order: https://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/white-bear-silenzio-imbarazzante
Label: http://www.attenuationcircuit.de