Torturing Nurse / Antitalent – Split Tape

Uncompromising, irritant, loud. These three words can best describe a split tape between Chinese harsh noise master Torturing Nurse and Serbian harsh noise artist Antitalent which is, by the way, active on so many levels with his prolific DIY label Jesboligakurac and grindcore band Pro-Past.

First side of the cassette is dedicated to Torturing Nurse. His track is full of chaotic cacophony, layers of upsetting noise in the middle and even more layers of almost static harsh noise walls in the background. As I am familiar with his sound over the years, this track is bit different than the rest of his catalogue, but it will be interesting to the most fans of harsh noise.

Second side of the cassette is, of course, dedicated to Antitalent and his track consists of tons of various sound sources, like  contact mic manipulation which leaves the feeling like the sound will be torn apart. I’ve listened a couple of his releases before and I think this is Antitalent at it’s best.  Looking forward to hear more of his releases in the future cuz it deserves attention.

All in all, I think that this release is a must have for all fans of harsh noise and harsh noise wall. It’s cool beause you can hear more layers of sound which you haven’t heard first time when you listened to the tape.


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