GX Juppiter-Larsen & Ace Farren Ford / Le Scrambled Debutante Feat. Emerge – Split LP

At first, I was a bit confused about this release. I was wondering is this a collaboration, compilation or a split release, but finally after I cleared my head, I realize this is actually a split release made of two collaboration tracks. To be honest, I never seen this kind of a split release before, but it’s always cool when you see how the artist react with their ideas and collaborate. To put it this way, you never know what you will get as a result.

I usually get on the music first, but this time I will talk about the cover artwork first. Cover art ideas at Attenuation Circuit are always great, look abstract, artsy and they are professionally made. You can’t just put a vinyl, tape or CD to listen and not to get your eyes on the cover art. Sascha (Emerge) always have similiar, but not the same concept and it works well with all the releases he puts out.

”Vertigone” is the track on the A side of this piece of plastic and all the duty for composing and arranging goes out to GX Juppiter-Larsen and Ace Farren Ford. Have to admit that I am not impressed at all, because all the good tones and vibrations sound like a sub bass because of the main ambient line which is almost irritant. There’s a certain melody to it, but it’s not hearable at all. Somehow it just don’t work for me.

”Electric Jackass” is composed by Le Scrambled Debutante and Emerge and it’s way more interesting than ”Vertigone”. It have a lot of different elements implemented all together which creates an atonal harmony with a bit horror feeling to it. It seems that some of the elements are timestretched, but the composition doesn’t loose anything because of it, because it is done properly.

Despite the fact that the track on the A side is not an all time winner and the track on the B side is amazing and highly recommended, you can purchase this release and be richer for an average piece of ambient / drone scene.

Order: http://www.emerge.bandcamp.com/album/split-15
Label: http://attenuationcircuit.de



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