Toy Bizzare / Emerge – Split

Once again I have a privilege to review ambient album and this time it’s a split vinyl record between Toy Bizzare and Emerge. I had some difficulties to find more information about Toy Bizzare, but after half of an hour of searching through the magic world of internet technologies, I founded that Toy Bizzare is a project of Cedric Peyronnet, who is active as a musique concrete and field recording sound artist since ninetees. Emerge is well known on the ambient and noise scenes as one of the most active guys in a fields of publishing and touring and his discography is quite impressive. Sascha Stadlmeier is simply unstoppable.

Toy Bizzare is opening A side with two very tracks. Sound can be described as a very well blended mixure of musique concrete, field recordings and ambient sounds. Both tracks remind me of some experimental tracks for B production horror movies, but not to be mistaken, this sounds really good. It gives a feeling like you are crawling through the haunted woods in the middle of the night with chains on your wrists and wood is constantly crackling beneath you. If you’re fan of horror movie soundtracks, this is right up your alley.

Emerge is present on B side with twenty minute long ambient track which perfectly continues the story Toy Bizzare have started on the A side. Sascha reworked sounds that Cedric has been recorded in a middle of the ninetees and put his own Emerge touch on them. The result is more than hearable. Everything sounds much more grimy, bizzare, dark, haunted and most important, like a perfect formula for success. Such a pleasant finish to a whole LP.

This masterpiece is available at Attenuation Circuit records, like many more impressive CD, tape and vinyl releases and I encourage you not to miss the opportunity to grab this fine piece of experimental music which will satisfy your needs for exploration into musique concrete and ambient sounds.



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