Elektrojudas / XNDL – Split

So, here’s something slightly different from a stuff I have reviewed before. I listened just a couple of rhytmic projects and most of them are not my cup of tea, but I fell in love with this split LP on a first listen. Elektrojudas and XNDL are more into music than noise, but they know how to get things done. What is significant for this LP is the variety of melodies that both projects are using and by that, they are incorporating minimal industrial ambience and slow down tempos for a unique and distinctive compositions which will relax you in no time. Also, there’s a lot of synths from the eighties which suits very well on most of the tracks and it leaves the space to a listener to figure out how both projects possess quality, ideas, skills and more important, knowledge to pleasure everybody’s musical taste.

It’s not easy to name best tracks on this one, because all the tracks have different touch and you can’t just name the best or the worst one when all the tracks are good. That’s a pure beauty of the whole LP and I simply know that most of you who read this review will be satisfied with the material which is presented by the both artists.

Order: https://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/split-13
Label: http://www.attenuationcircuit.de


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