Sindre Bjerga – Dream Interruption

I simply love when release goes hand in hand with the cover artwork and packaging. It gives complete picture of what an artist had on his mind when he planned to record a release. That’s the case with Bjerga’s ”Dream Interruption”, impressive musique concrete composition where Sascha from Emerge used his skills and worked on a cover art and the final product is more than beautiful. It simply reflects all the darkness of the Bjerga’s work.

”Dream Interruption” actually really sounds like a dream interrupption, filled with dark motives, haunted echoes and disturbing sound movements. It would perfectly suit as a background for a B production horror movies when some girl is heading through the old factory, surrounded by creatures who are waiting for a moment to grab her. Also, there’s a lot of sounds similiar to punches, so as I can assume,  contact microphones worked pretty well for this piece of art. Elements of ambient, industrial and noise are also involved, especially on the second half of the track, so there’s a piece of the pie for the lovers of all avantgarde genres.

I really hope that this one will satisfy even the pickiest fans of musique concrete, because it deserves all the attention of the undreground avantgarde community. It possess all the quality and it can pair with the bigger names in this genre.



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