V/A – Tincture Of Japanoise

When I got this release on CD-R I was pleasantly surprised about the idea to put up a compilation which will catch up situation about newer artists on a Japanoise scene, but after I took a look on the bandcamp page and realised what’s this compilation is all about, it made me to think for a while until I start reviewing it. It’s a lookover on today’s Japanoise scene in comparison of what Merzbow is doing today. I am not sure if those artists are pissed on a Merzbow’s decision to play gigs in museums and events that have nothing to do about with underground noise scene or this is just a presentation of underground noise scene in Japan today. It’s ridiculous to be pissed on a guy who established noise on so many levels and built up everything that we consider as noise with almost four hundred releases till this day. It’s like we should blame Iron Maiden for betraying a heavy metal scene.

However, compilation is presented with eight artists who do various styles of noise which is good, but not in a style that Merzbow, Massona, K2, Astro, Hanatarash, Incapacitants or any other older artist from Japan would do. Somehow, I miss all the fun with simple sets where you simply plug your contact microphone into delay and distortion pedals and ruin the room with some unpleasant cacophony until all the visitors escape from the club. This compilation, however, have some other value and it can be a perfect showcase for the next generations of noisicians. There’s a lot of good ideas involved in it, with all those synthbox manipulations, radio station interruptions, glithes, standard pedal effects such as chorus, tremolo, flanger, auto riff…etc. Also, there’s a lot of stuff I can’t recognize and it sounds suprisingly good, some effects I haven’t heard on the tapes presented by the artists from Europe and USA. Who knows, maybe this compilation is a new gem for a fans of noise. It’s not the kind of harsh noise I like to listen, so it’s not definetly my cup of tea, but I am sure that this compilation and artists involved on it will somehow find their way to potential worshippers of a brand new Japanoise underground scene.

Order: https://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/tincture-of-japanoise
Label: http://www.attenuationcircuit.de


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