Buzz Rodeo – Sports 12”

I already had a chance and privilege to review ”Victoria” 7” by Buzz Rodeo. Their style is unique blend of punk, noise, rock and couple more genres picked up on the way. They perform as a trio and they do it pretty well, asuming by their lastest release called ”Sports”. This art punk supergroup radiate a lot of energy with their extremely well played and produced rhytm section and guitar melodies which remind me a lot of something Gang Of Four would do. Seventies are back with style, but this time with a lot more ideas, improvisations, better studio recording and it sounds refreshing now at the end of the 2016. These catchy songs will easily find their place to your ears, because of flow they are bringing through their sonic attack and maybe you’ll find it dificult to pick your favorite tracks from this one, because all the tracks possess their own unique formula to get stuck in you head for a while. This will definetly be the top ten album of the year for all the fans of improvised style of punk and you’ll probably listen to this records until your turntable gets destroyed. ”Sports” is released by several record labels and it is available on LP and CD, but it’s stricly limited, so make sure to grab your own piece fast and play it to your family & friends.



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