Shanyio – C

First of all, this cassette is not a joke at all. It contains some of the best recorded and produced samples of the various musical instruments characteristic for eastern Europe. Alexandru Hegyes knew all the potential of all of these instruments while he performed and recorded them at different locations such as Berlin, Timisoara, Tormac, Rittberg, Brebu Nou, Weidenthal, Ciarda & Cârțisoara in a three years long time span. The result is ”C”, very impressive cassette release which is packed with atmospheric, etno, musique concrete, field recording sessions. Alexandru knows how to deal with production as well, mixing, postproduction and mastering, so he used DDA tehnique for this release and the sound quality can pair to some worldwide known music releases. The complete release sounds very mystic, ancient, natural, something similiar to the soundtracks for experimental art movies recorded somewhere in a misty forests of eastern Europe. Wide spectrum of instruments used on this recording and clever usage of the effects are the main reason for that kind of atmosphere and they will give you the chills down the spine when you press play on your tape player. I am pretty sure that you will ask for more and press repeat once again after the first listen.



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