Sonologyst / Kshatriy – Time Is The Enemy

”Time Is The Enemy” is extraordinary collaboration between Sonologyst and Kshatriy. Sonologyst is the solo project of Raffaele Pazzela, enthusiast who based his sound around experiments from fifsties and sixties with modern school of electro acoustic art. Kshatriy is the solo project of Sergey Bulychev, brilliant russian native and sound artist. ”Time Is The Enemy” comes up with five distinctive tracks with interesting titles such as ”Unaltered Mind”, ”Venus Smile”, Self Luminosity”, ”Chronopolis” and album titled ”Time Is The Enemy”. The most interesting thing about this collaboration are it’s dynamics, melody and repetition during each track. Tracks are mostly based on one melody which is repetative from begining to an end, but it doesn’t sounds like some boring ambient or drone track. Layers of vocals, violin alike tones, white noise and creepy ambience are added as the time goes by and the whole idea of the album title reveals itself through beautiful cacophony. Your listening experience may vary of your sound system, since the whole album is well produced with all layers of sound being present at one time without spoiling one another. ”Time Is The Enemy” is released by Attenuation Circuit and it’s already sold out, but you can purchase it digitally and by that you will support both artists and the label.



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